Boo Drive FAQ

Below are some FAQ's that we think will answer your questions.

We are shipping devices in October 2018.

Boo Costs $12.99/month paid one year in advance. That is $156.

An email confirmation will go out to you once you buy it and subsequent emails will keep you updated on the shipping information and when to exactly expect your order.

Shipping within the United States will be in the range of $4.74 It ships to anywhere in the US. Currently we are taking orders only for the US. For all overseas orders please send us an email to

The following comes in BooDrive box :

  1. Boo Device
  2. Mounting Bracket
  3. Power Adaptor

We will offer a full refund for the price of your order within 30 days of delivery. Shipping cost for returns will not included. For refunds all the items need to be shipped back with no damage. There are no partial refunds possible. Refunds will be processed and the cheque will be mailed to the address mentioned in the original shipping. Refunds will be only provided if the product is not working as described on

No! Tablets are not built for Driving. Boo! Drive is built for ride sharing. We are going to add Physical Buttons for easy Navigations. The Charging mechanism, and Battery hardware is built for Ride Sharing Purpose. The way the UI is implemented around the hardware will make all your tasks very easy. So you should buy this and make your life or driving easy!

Boo is easy to mount in any car. Boo will ship a mounting bracket and charger.

connect prijector with corporate network
  1. Arm Octa Core Processor
  2. 8GB and 64GB
  3. Latest Android OS
  4. Capacitive Screen
  5. Bluetooth and WIFI

There are three steps to get your Boo working:

  • The device: Once you receive the device (Boo), unpack it and place it on your Dashboard. Connect the device to the power. The device will auto-boot and within a couple of minutes be ready to use.
    connect prijector with corporate network
  • Plug in your SIM Card into Boo.
    connect prijector with corporate network
  • Login to Google Play Store and Boo Store and Download all the applications.

We post progress updates every other week on our twitter page.