Hey Uber and Lyft Drivers Phones and Tablets are
not built for Ride Sharing Purpose!
Run Your Empire from your Car Less Cr@*
More R$des

Why Boo?

Do More Rides and Less
Juggling Apps.
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Less Notification Madness.
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Less Batery Burn.
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Powerful processsor and 10" screen.
Natural driver friendly interfaces.
Easily installable and portable.

Boo Features ?

Make driving easy with
Split Screen.
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Don’t look just ask with
Voice Activation.
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Increase rider comfort with
Screen Casting .
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Navigate clearly with
superior sound.
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Provide internet access for
international guests.
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Experience driver centered
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Split Screen to make your driving, and life easy.


Run Uber and Lyft next to each other. Run Uber, and Google Maps next to each other. Swap quickly the app you want in one of the screens. Touch and go back to one app in the whole screen. You can run any of the apps in two screen mode.


Built and Engineered for Ride Sharing Drivers.

There are millions of riding sharing drivers around the world. The hardware for these rise sharing drivers are clumsy and not built for the extensive performance you need. So we are driver first hardware be it display, battery, fonts or even simply how everything works together to make a driver focus on the job rather than manage apps.

Battery and Heat are the challenges today!


All drivers keep their phones connected to the car charger all the time. First of all car chargers are not good for your phones, secondly as you are charging all the time the phone heats up most of the time. With excess heat the chances of screen cracking up is very high. We looked at all these and decided to build the heat dissipation system to suit any weather.

Don’t look but ask! Boo! Drive is Voice Activated.


Boo! Drive is Voice Activated, and deeply integrated with Google Voice. While we were building the hardware we compared Alexa and Google. We feel Google is the right voice platform for drivers as they are looking for local services that are better indexed on Google. So we are going to mix and match the best of Visual and Voice. We call this technology it V Square.

User Interface Matters! Especially when you are driving!

We understand when driving the UI Matters. The selection of Fonts to Display Matters. It does not matter whether you are 21 year old or 60 year old driving a grab. Your safety and comfort is the most important. So we have built a product that looks very good! And makes it safe and comfortable.

Notifications are the problem!

We realised how hard it is to have all kind of notifications pop up when you are driving. So we have carefully looked at what is relevant and built the device around showing what matters. Don’t like our setting that’s OK. You can still go and change what you like.

Better Sounding Navigation.


We understand how irritating it is when the navigation is On all the time. So we have made sure the audio sounds better. It is not just you but the passenger in your car who maybe on that important phone call.

Get your Riders Cast Their Screen.

Confused where your riders are going? Get them to cast their screen on to Boo! Drive. They can cast their screen and show you the place they are going.

International Guests wanting internet access?

Click on a button and enable Guest WiFi so your guests can quickly connect to Boo! Drive and look up the emails or messages.


Boo! is an Electronic Device Design and Manufacturing Company. Our Team has built electronic devices for Meeting and Classrooms in the past with 15,000 customers.